SSHOC Certification Support

A support community for SSHOC repositories seeking CoreTrustSeal certification. 

Aïoli platform

An innovative web service for the reality-based 3D annotation and large-scale collaborative documentation of heritage artefacts. For this service, the existing Aïoli platform 

will be significantly upgraded in terms of technical robustness, the collaboration framework provided, the management of controlled vocabularies, and compatibility with CIDOC-CRM. A facility for  visualising hypothetical reconstructions of archaeological sites will also be added.

Audio Survey Module Questionnaire and Fieldwork Implementation Guideline

Based on a proof of concept for the cross-pollination of information between research infrastructures, the guidelines under development will describe how to design interview questionnaires to facilitate the capture of digital language data and its integration into the traditional data collection process.

Ready-to-use Sample Management System: Web Panel Sample System (WPSS)

Web Panel Sample System (WPSS). A web application which, paired with a survey platform will enable the centralised management of a cross-national sample for academic studies.

D4.1 A sample management system for cross- national web survey

Interoperability Hub

A registry of (meta)data conversion services featuring the most relevant SSH (meta)data formats and encompassing links to services, format recommendations for increasing interoperability, software recommendations, and a software library. Selected conversion tools will be created where necessary.

SSHOC Virtual Collection Registry

Based on the already functional CLARIN VCR, the SSHOC VCR service will enable researchers to create integrated, coherent sets of links to digital objects. These virtual collections will provide persistent identifiers and federated login. 

The collection metadata is openly available and accessible via the Virtual Language Observatory.

SSHOC Switchboard

An extension of the current CLARIN Language Resource Switchboard, the SSHOC Switchboard will match language resources and tools to data types, automatically guiding researchers to the appropriate language analysis application, and enabling the publication, sharing and reuse of the resulting data via B2SHARE.