Are you part of the social sciences and humanities research community — either as a researcher or as a professional working with and serving SSH researchers?

Providing training, advice, and educational resources which enable data producers, data users, and data professionals to gain maximum benefit from the SSH area of the EOSC is a key focus for SSHOC.

Many of the project partners have recognised expertise as trainers in the discovery, use and management of research data. Our aim is to cherry pick the best of the existing resources and develop additional materials to be shared with our community. Materials developed will be openly hosted on an existing platform or training hub such as Github, C-PAN, C-RAN, The Programming Historian, and FOSTER. These resources will also be featured in the SSH Open Marketplace.

Workshops & Webinars

In 2020 and 2021, SSHOC will run regular webinars and workshops on themes including: 


SSHOC Training Toolkit

As a resource for SSH trainers, the SSHOC Training Toolkit provides an inventory of educational materials covering topics such as research data management, FAIR data, Open Science, programming and didactics. The Training Toolkit covers materials directed at different target audiences including researchers, service providers and data stewards and trainers themselves. 

In its current format, the Training Toolkit constitutes a preliminary version which will be further developed on the basis of feedback received from the SSHOC Training Community and also in terms of services to be incorporated into the SSH Marketplace over the course of the SSHOC project.

Access the SSHOC Training Toolkit here.

Contact information: 
If you have questions about the SSHOC Training Toolkit or would like to contribute materials, please contact us at


Train-the Trainer Bootcamps

The Toolkit will be showcased and further developed at SSHOC Train-the-Trainer boot-camps to be held at large events and also in collaboration with  training organisations in pre-selected national nodes. 


There are several ways to find out about SSHOC training opportunities and resources:

  1. Subscribe to the SSHOC newsletter. We will alert you when events are planned and resources published. 
  2. Join the SSHOC Community and flag the opt-in to become a Training Community member.This online community is for SSH trainers: a place to meet, preview training materials and volunteer to host a SSHOC workshop. We are also working on a Europe-wide directory of certified trainers.
  3. Follow SSHOC on social media. All key releases and news will be published on our Twitter and LinkedIn channels.