Welcome to the SSH Open Marketplace Tester Community!

Testers have been at the heart of the development of the SSH Open Marketplace from DAY ONE.

That’s because the SSH Open Marketplace will not be yet another catalogue.

Our aim is to create a discovery portal which offers social sciences and humanities researchers the best resources available anywhere - and content that reflects a free exchange between users who have really thrashed things out and feel like they own - and love - the end product!

So we’ll be following an agile project management practice until the final release in December 2021 and we’d love you to join us!


  • All users can visit the just-released Beta version of the Marketplace and give us immediate feedback.
  • Only registered testers will also be contacted personally by the developers to try out new functionality as it comes on stream.


Why Testers are Important

We’ve involved users and testers in every step of development to date - from documenting the system specifications to designing the interface of the just-released Beta version! 

That’s how we know you don’t want “just another catalogue”.

That’s also how we know that users who contribute resources to or curate the SSH Open Marketplace want recognition of some kind.



The links below document the SSH Open Marketplace development progress step by step.

Start at the top of the list and work your way backwards to the beginning, or begin at the end of the page and work forwards to the present time!



Join the SSH Open Marketplace Tester Community