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Imagine a researcher who needs to perform textual analysis on historical material. He or she wants easy access to widely used and well-documented tools, and guidance in using those tools to best advantage.

Enter the SSH Open Marketplace -  a discovery portal which pools and harmonises ALL the SSH tools (services and software), datasets, training materials and activities (workflows and scenarios) useful for SSH research communities, offering a high quality and contextualised answer to researcher questions at every step of the research data life cycle.

When can you expect the SSH Open Marketplace? 

The development of the Marketplace is taking place within Work Package 7 (WP7) of the larger SSHOC project and is being led by DARIAH ERIC. The Alpha release took place in June 2020 and will be followed by a Beta release to the general public  in December 2020. The final release is expected by December 2021.


SSH Open Marketplace Timeline - SSHOC

Become a Tester

SSHOC is developing the SSH Open Marketplace for you, the social sciences and humanities community of researchers, support staff or service providers. And we're counting on your contributions to build a shared resource that truly serves its users.

Our goal is to provide users with the broadest possible range of the tools and resources they most need for their work. The result of our efforts will constitute the SSH component of the EOSC universe!

And here you are with the opportunity to be part of it all!

Become a member of a small community of testers, and help us define the features, the interface, and most important, the content of the SSH Open Marketplace.

In exchange for being able to pick your brain from time to time, we’re offering you:

  • A ringside seat from which to take part in the ongoing development
  • Privileged access to research data, services and tools as these come on stream
  • The opportunity to shape the future of social sciences and humanities research


It’s a no brainer.

To join the SSHOC Community and register as a tester click here. Remember to flag the TESTER option and we'll do the rest!

To view the SSH Open Marketplace system specification, consult Deliverable 7.1.

To follow the development on our Gitlab instance click here.

To read the SSH Open Marketplace Alpha launch article and find links to more articles click here.