WP6: Fostering Communities, Empowering Users, & Building Expertise

D6.6 SSHOC Final Conference Report

The report covers the organisation, delivery, content, and lessons learned from the SSHOC Final Conference, titled “Advancing SSH Research with SSHOCingly good and sustainable resources”. The hybrid conference took place at Bluepoint premises in Brussels, Belgium, on 6 and 7 April 2022.

Task 6.2 and WP2 lead the organisation of the conference with the support of the project partners in the organising and programme committees.

D6.7 Inventory of existing learning materials

This report gives an overview of the landscape of training material in the SSH disciplines cluster and the broader context of EOSC based on inspecting main existing sources of training materials and their content. The collected information serves as input for further activities in WP6 as well as an important source of information for WP7.

D6.8 Report on training materials

The goal of task 6.3 “Empowering Users: Training Materials and Online Learning Paths” was primarily to provide an overview and to collect existing training materials in the area of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), as well as to support the creation of training materials within the SSHOC project. The task of inventorising was summarized in a previous deliverable D6.7 Inventory of training materials1.

D6.9 SSHOC Trainer Toolkit (draft)


This deliverable describes the first release of the SSHOC Training Toolkit which was launched on 20 April 2020. 

The Toolkit consists of an inventory of both self-learning materials and training materials which trainers in the Social Sciences and Humanities can use to develop and improve their own training activities.

MS38 Launch Community engagement strategy

This document describes the progress on carrying out the community engagement activities identified in the SSHOC Community Engagement Strategy (D6.1) under T6.2 and according to the means of verification as per the description of work.

MS39 Launch expertise strategy

This document describes the launch of D6.2 SSHOC Building Expertise Strategy and the related activities and tasks, proposed after the first year of the SSHOC project. It focuses on planning the initial iteration of the SSHOC Training Toolkit release and efforts to organize Train-the-trainer bootcamps and the SSHOC Stakeholder Forum.

MS40 SSHOC Training Toolkit (preliminary version)

This milestone report describes the first release of the SSHOC Training Toolkit which was launched on April 20th, 2020. The Toolkit is meant for SSH trainers to find and retrieve materials that can be used in training activities.

MS41 SSHOC train-the-trainer toolkit (updated version)

Task 6.4 of SSHOC Work Package 6 concerns the building of expertise within the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) training community. One of the key outcomes of this task and the milestone described in this report is the SSH Training Discovery Toolkit (TDT). The TDT was developed to aid trainers in the SSH enabling them to discover materials that they can utilise in their own training activities.