Submission date: 
14 December 2021

The goal of task 6.3 “Empowering Users: Training Materials and Online Learning Paths” was primarily to provide an overview and to collect existing training materials in the area of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), as well as to support the creation of training materials within the SSHOC project. The task of inventorising was summarized in a previous deliverable D6.7 Inventory of training materials1. An update of the state of affairs is given in section 2 Landscape which details how the initial inventory has been reused for train-the-trainer purposes and in section 3 Metadata that depicts how SSHOC training materials metadata have been developed in relation to other existing schemas.

Another part of the work of task 6.3 concentrated on devising a new technical system, which supports the creation of new training materials as described in section 4.

Finally, with respect to the sustainability and longevity of the efforts, the task operated in close coordination with the WP7, developing the SSH Open Marketplace, a discovery platform for resources relevant for SSH research, including training material. Details of this collaboration are described in section 5.

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SSH Trainer's Directory
SSH Training Discovery Toolkit