WP4: Innovations in Data Production

D4.1 A sample management system for cross- national web survey

The European Social Survey ERIC (ESS) experimented with the world’s first cross-national probability-based online panel, named CRONOS, recruited off the back of ESS Round 8. One of the biggest challenges of the project was the coordination and harmonised management of the sample in the three different European countries taking part in the project (Estonia, Slovenia and Great Britain.

D4.12 Guidelines for the integration of Audio Capture data in Survey Interviews

This report pertains to Task 4.4 under Work Package 4 Innovations in Data Production, and documents the design of a computer assisted module which enables digital language data to be captured from recorded interviews carried out during social surveys.

D4.14 Policy API Tool

This report sets out the rationale, design and guidelines for use of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Family Policy Calculator Application Programming Interface (API) developed and deployed as part of Task 4.5.

D4.16 Specification of the new features of the Aïoli platform

This report is the first deliverable of the Task 4.6 “Semantic annotation of Heritage Science Data” within the WP4 “Innovations in Data Production”. The focus of this task is the development of an innovative web service for the reality-based 3D annotation of heritage artefacts within the SSHOC infrastructure. The report contains specifications for appropriate upgrades to the Aioli platform which will provide the base for this service. 

D4.18 SSHOC Reference Ontology (beta version)

This report describes the SSHOC Reference Ontology (SSHOCro), a common meta-level schema based on CIDOC CRM, to provide a semantic interoperability framework for the description of the data life cycle used by Social Science and Humanities researchers. The SSHOCro is provided in RDF/S in the file titled “D4.18 SSHOCro_v.1.0_beta.rdf”, which is submitted as an attachment to this report.

D4.19 Mapping of two indicative selected standards to the SSHOCro

This report documents the work undertaken within project Task 4.7 Modeling the SSHOC data life cycle and describes the process of mapping social science research metadata standards DDI Codebook and CMDI  to the SSHOC Reference Ontology (SSHOCro). The resulting mapping rules are also documented.

D4.3 Survey specific parallel corpora

This document describes the [MCSQ]: Multilingual Corpus of Survey Questionnaires (MCSQ), a database of survey questionnaires’ texts. The report summarizes technical information about Version 1.0 (Ada Lovelace) of the MCSQ, dated in June 2020. It links to the repository to access the code and files generating the database.

MS17 Open source CAT TM software selected

This report documents the selection criteria of an open source Computer Assisted Translation tool with Translation Memory functionalities that will be used in the translation research activities of Task 4.3. of the SSHOC project. The TAsk team describes the role of the milestone in the Task and the means of verification.

MS18 Beta version of automatic verification software available for testing

This report documents the availability of the Automatic Verification Tool (AVT) that is used in the translation research activities of Task 4.3 of the SSHOC project. The task team describes the role of the milestone and the means of verification.

MS 20 Selection of SSH metadata standards for mapping to SSHOCro

This report describes the action plan devised in the context of D4.19 "Mapping of two indicative selected standards to the SSHOCro" and the steps taken to achieve it up to. D4.19 focuses on testing information integration and harmonization by mapping selected metadata from metadata standards used in the Social Sciences and Humanities to the SSHOC Reference Ontology.