Submission date: 
30 December 2020

Developed by researchers from CLARIN, the Generations & Gender Programme, and the European Values Study, the guidelines arise from discussion of the various requirements of both survey and linguistic infrastructures, and of the potential benefits of utilising services from each other’s operations.

The guidelines describe the rationale for and design of a computer-assisted recorded interview module for a social survey. The aim of the module is to capture digital language data from the spoken word in survey interviews, thereby illustrating the potential complementarities between linguistic and social survey infrastructures.

An overview of the background to the development of the module is provided, and the specifications for data generated from both survey research and linguistic perspectives are documented. These requirements are then integrated into technical requirements for the module, and the module itself is detailed.

The main aim of the work is to demonstrate the potential application of CLARIN tools, resources and services in survey research, and the use of survey infrastructure and data collection technologies for collecting digital language data.

In subsequent phases of the SSHOC project, the guidelines will be applied within an appropriate survey infrastructure. The data thus generated will then be transferred to CLARIN for processing as a proof of concept for the cross-pollination of services between social science and humanities research infrastructures. The guidelines will then be refined in terms of the results of the data collection to provide a template.


This deliverable has been accepted by the European Commission on - 03 November 2020

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