Submission date: 
18 November 2019


Archaeologists, architects, engineers, materials specialists, teachers, curators and restorers of cultural property all have a role in conserving heritage artefacts. Whilst advances in digital technologies have facilitated the collection, visualisation and indexing of digital resources, the management of multi-dimensional and multiformat data introduces particular challenges for the cultural heritage community as regards developing relevant analysis and interpretation methods, sharing and correlating heterogeneous data, and archiving results for long-term preservation purposes.

The physical heritage object, be it a site, a building, a sculpture, a painting, a work of art, or an archaeological fragment, is the starting point for the “Aïoli” project, which focuses on the development of a reality-based 3D annotation platform enabling a multidisciplinary community to build semantically enriched 3D descriptions of heritage artefacts from simple images and spatialised annotations coupled with additional resources.

This report is the first deliverable of the Task 4.6 “Semantic annotation of Heritage Science Data” within the WP4 “Innovations in Data Production”. The focus of this task is the development of an innovative web service for the reality-based 3D annotation of heritage artefacts within the SSHOC infrastructure. The report contains specifications for appropriate upgrades to the Aioli platform which will provide the base for this service. The specifications concern the technical robustness of the platform, the collaboration framework, the management of controlled vocabularies, compatibility with CIDOCCRM, and linking with visualisation tools.


This deliverable has been accepted by the European Commission on - 03 November 2020

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Cultural heritage Aïoli-platform