13 November 2020 - 14:40 to 15:00


Members of the SSH Open Marketplace development team will demonstrate the platform during a 20 minute session at the DARIAH Virtual Annual Event - 14:40-15:00.

The SSH Open Marketplace will be a discovery portal at the service of the SSH reseach community, pooling and harmonising ALL available SSH tools, datasets, training materials and activities, and offering a high quality and contextualised answer to researcher questions at every step of the research data life cycle.

An Alpha version was launched to the community on 30 June 2020 in a session at the annual ICTeSSH Conference and has been under constant review since that time via public consultations and also through ongoing dialogue with volunteer testers. Members of the SSH Open Marketplace Tester Community were given access both to the platform itself and to a decicated SSH Open Marketplace Consultation Platform created especially to facilitate the feedback gathering process.

The session at the DARIAH Virtual Annual Event is one of the last outings for the SSH Open Marketplace Alpha version. The consultation period for the Tester Community closed on November 6 and a Beta release of the platform is scheduled for December 2020.


Frank Fischer - DARIAH

Matej Ďurčo - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage




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