Audio Survey Module Questionnaire and Fieldwork Implementation Guideline

Based on a proof of concept for the cross-pollination of information between research infrastructures, the guidelines under development will describe how to design interview questionnaires to facilitate the capture of digital language data and its integration into the traditional data collection process.

Specifications for Secure Remote Access to Sensitive Research Data

Emerging from use-case studies, an evaluation of existing platforms, and a pilot in which secure, safe-room remote desktop connections will be established and tested between partners, the specifications will include Data Use Agreements  and a schema for assessing disclosure risk in data.

API for Generations and Gender Programme (GGP)

  • This API will integrate a policy imputation algorithm into social surveys, which covers around 20 indicators including family policy, employment, labour markets, and pensions.

The API will be usable by all European survey infrastructures and the wider research community.