SSHOC is one of the activities foreseen under INFRAEOSC 04-2018, which supports the integration and consolidation of thematic e-infrastructure platforms in preparation for connecting them to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an environment for hosting and processing research data to support EU science. The vision of the EOSC is to provide seamless, Europe-wide access to research data and tools across scientific or thematic disciplines and geographical borders. It is thus incumbent on each thematic cluster to create synergies, leverage cross-cutting tasks, share best practices, and engage stakeholders jointly in the interest of fostering cross-disciplinary research.


The Synergy

Below we list the efforts made by the SSHOC project so far to create synergies with EOSC project and the results obtained. The EOSC thematic cluster projects aim to collaborate on key-activities, such as communication and stakeholder engagement.

SSHOC kick-off meeting

The Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) kick-off meeting was held in Utrecht on 11-12 March 2019, attracting more than 100 participants from the 47 partner organisations and beyond. It is the first time that all the European Social Science and Humanities’ Research Infrastructures in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) join forces to build the SSH part of the European Open Science Cloud.

Research Data Alliance Plenary Meeting 14

On 21 October, during the Research Data Alliance Plenary Meeting in Helsinki, SSHOC invited representatives from EOSC, the ESFRI cluster projects, and the RDA Working and Interest Groups, to discuss mutual commonalities and opportunities for collaboration at the co-located session EOSC services, collaborations, and RDA. A cross-section of some 40 individuals attended the 4 hour workshop which was introduced by SSHOC Coordinator and EOSC Executive Board member Ron Dekker of CESSDA.


ESFRI Cluster Position Papers on EOSC Implementation

The ESFRI Cluster position papers delineate the ways in which EOSC-Life, ENVRI FAIR, ESCAPE, PaNOSC, and SSHOC will contribute directly to EOSC as it enables them to leverage their domain expertise and better serve community needs. The papers also describe each project's expectations from the EOSC.


During the 4 day conference from 16-19 November 2020, the EOSC cluster projects organised a joint session “Thematic Discovery Marketplaces for the European Open Science Cloud”.

The EOSC cluster projects and FAIRsFAIR joint efforts in the co-located event titled  “The ESFRI Clusters at RDA House of Commons. Debating commonalities and collaboration for thematic services, training and governance towards the European Open Science Cloud”
  • Agenda will be published soon.