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SSHOC: Realising the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud


Interviews from the SSHOC Kick-off

The Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud: What should we expect?

Ron Dekker, CESSDA director and SSHOC coordinator, talks about the project and how it will address the full data cycle.
Franciska de Jong, executive director of CLARIN-ERIC, illustrates how through CLARIN-ERIC SSHOC will strenghten the multilingual dimension of the SSH domain.
Frank Fischer, DARIAH co-director, talks about DARIAH's role in building the SSHOC marketplace and about the importance of showcasing SSH research practices.
Astrid Verheusen, executive director of LIBER, the European Association of Research Libraries, explains how LIBER will foster SSHOC's communities and organise workshops and webinars.

Launch of the SSHOC Training Community

Interview with Ellen Leenarts - DANS-KNAW