Thursday, 7 May, 2020

SSHOC poster presenting the SSH Open Marketplace at the EOSC-hub Week 2020.

The SSH Open Marketplace is the only fully-integrated discovery portal which pools and harmonises the tools and services useful for the SSH research communities, offering a high quality and contextualised answer at every step of the research data life cycle.

The poster presents the three pillars on which the SSH Open Marketplace is being built:

  • Integration with existing EOSC services: The SSH Open Marketplace is fully integrated in the EOSC landscape, for example by using the EOSC Federating Core, especially the Federated Identity (AAI) services and the helpdesk.
  • Integration of the marketplace with other EOSC catalogues or marketplace:  A researcher needs to perform a textual analysis on historical texts: the SSH Open Marketplace will not only offer software and services suitable for the task, but also tutorials explaining how to properly use the software, as well as academic articles and other resources.
  • Community-driven curation: The SSH Open Marketplace follows a community-driven approach in building SSH part of EOSC. It is a social infrastructure.


The SSH Open Marketplace is being built at the time of the publication of the poster and will undergo its alpha release in June 2020.

Authors: Stefan Buddenbohm; Laure Barbot; Clara Petitfils; Matej Ďurčo; Tomasz Parkoła