Monday, 15 June, 2020

Given the persistent gap between demand and supply, the impetus to reuse language resources is great. Researchers benefit from building upon the work of others including reusing data, tools and methodology. Such reuse should always consider the original intent of the language resource and how that impacts potential reanalysis. When the reuse crosses disciplinary boundaries, the re-user also needs to consider how research standards that differ between social science and humanities on the one hand and human language technologies on the other might lead to differences in unspoken assumptions. Data centers that aim to support multiple research communities have a responsibility to build bridges across disciplinary divides by sharing data in all directions, encouraging re-use and re-sharing and engaging directly in research that improves methodologies.

Author: Cieri, Christopher (University of Pennsylvania, Linguistic Data Consortium)

Conference: LREC 2020 - Proceedings of the Workshop about Language Resources for the SSH Cloud (LR4SSHOC)

Date: May 2020

Publisher: European Language Resources Association