Tuesday, 29 March, 2022

This Exploitation Plan gives an overview of the joint and multiple individual exploitation paths aimed at increasing the impact of all the Key Exploitable Results developed during the SSHOC project lifetime (from January 2019 to April 2022). The Plan is aligned with the contractual obligations defined in articles 28 and 29 of the SSHOC Grant Agreement (No. 823782).

The 33 Key Exploitable Results from SSHOC make available scientific evidence for policy making and enable exploitation through sustained use and/or re-use in other research activities and future funding opportunities. As such, exploitation is instrumental in concretising their value for diverse stakeholder groups, spanning end-users and in the EOSC context, detailing each result, partners involved in its development, and how it will be exploited.

The Exploitation Plan stems from the activities in Work Package 8, especially Task 8.1: “Governance & Sustainability” which handles the overall governance of the SSHOC project, as well as from the continuous consultation processes conducted among the SSHOC Scientific Board and Project Management Board.

Designed as a living record on exploitation rather than an official deliverable, it will feed into SSHOC D8.1 Governance and Sustainability Roadmap (M38; February 2022). D8.1 defines the organisational structure needed to safeguard the availability, quality, and maintenance of the results after the project’s funding lifecycle, the conditions for financial sustainability and the measures for implementing the envisaged structure. D8.1 is closely linked to SSHOC D7.5 Marketplace – Governance (M36; December 2021) as the guidelines delivered by Task 7.4 detail the roles of various actors and the envisaged workflow for the continuous curation of the Marketplace.

The Exploitation Plan will be updated at the end of the project, when all KERs are delivered and accessible to all stakeholders at M40 (April 2022) of the SSHOC project.