Tuesday, 13 July, 2021

Three pillars underpinning data population and enrichment in the marketplace’s content:

  • automatic ingestion and updating of data sources from third parties;
  • continuous curation of the information by the marketplace’s editorial team and
  • contributions from its users, the SSH community.

SSH Open Marketplace Curation Strategy: Relies on harvesting from third parties while emphasising community-curation by its users, our valued SSH researchers and scholars.
Free and Open: The SSH Open Marketplace advocates open science and open access and so the information in the marketplace is freely accessible. It is not a place for buying and selling something.

A social infrastructure: The emphasis on community-based curation makes the SSH Open Marketplace a social infrastructure. Its usage relies on the SSH community to refine, update and correct information on the marketplace as an information brokering service with CLARIN and DARIAH experiences playing a key role.

Role of LIBER: A community of practitioners and specialists with expertise on two key aspects of the SSH Open Marketplace: community involvement for curation and experience in collecting/structuring/exposing information.

Value Proposition:

The unique value of the SSH Open Marketplace as a discovery portal of Tools and Services is its connection to relevant Training Materials, Publications, Datasets, and Workflows. The SSH Open Marketplace is much more than just another catalogue by bringing a discovery portal straight to the SSH community. Like a library, it acts as a repository for Tools and Services with enriched metadata and making it so much easier to connect people with the resources they need.
Designed for: The SSH communities of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), span- ning students, scholars, junior and senior researchers, as well as resource providers en- abling them to highlight their work.
Connected communities: The SSH Open Marketplace is embedded within the existing communities of DARIAH, CLARIN, and CESSDA. It cooperates closely with them, while benefiting from the support of other partners like LIBER.