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FAIRsFAIRSSHOC, and EOSC Nordic are all supporting digital repositories in their journey to achieve TDR status. When sharing experiences, the project teams found out that two fundamental TDR concepts are not always easy to understand: preservation and Designated Community.

The draft working paper FAIR + Time: Preservation for a Designated Community seeks to:

  • Present key concepts and expand on them to specify the standards and assessments required for an interoperable ecosystem of FAIR data preserved for the long term in generalist and specialist FAIR-enabling trustworthy digital repositories (TDR) for a defined designated community of users.
  • Provide context and define these concepts for audiences familiar with research data and technical data management systems but with less direct experience of digital preservation and trustworthy digital repositories. This is intended to help clarify which organisations are potential candidates to receive CoreTrustSeal TDR status and identify and support the types of organisations that may not be candidates but play a vital role in the data ecosystem.

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CESSDA Roadshow: COVID-19



Join us on 30 September, 14.00-16.00 CEST! In a world beset by challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, the social sciences have never been more important for impartial, evidence-based research and analysis.

The CESSDA™ Roadshow series kicks off with a deep dive on COVID-19, highlighting cross-national datasets and surveys in its Data Catalogue (CESSDA DC™) with a practical guide and demo on how to discover them from UK Data Services. 


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SSHOC Workshop: Data Protection in research practice: The GDPR and the ELDAH Consent Form Wizard



On the 13 October 2021, 09:30 to 17:00 CEST, we will discuss the European legal framework for data privacy and processing personal data (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR). The workshop will help participants understand how their research is affected by the GDPR and what issues to pay attention to.


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SSHOC Workshop Notes: Data Citation in Practice



The findability of data and other resources is crucially dependent on good citation practices. But what are good citation practices and how well does the scientific community know and apply them? The SSHOC Workshop on Data citation which was organised in June by the SSHOC partners, addressed these questions.


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