This page is a work-in-progress and will list by category the data repositories, tools, services, and other resources which emerge from the SSHOC project.

Services will be described here and listed in the appropriate category as they come on line. You can access project reports documenting progress in developing and rolling out new services on the Deliverables page.

Proposed Service Categories:

  • Hosting Services
  • Platforms
  • Ontologies and Vocabularies
  • Protocols
  • Guidelines


The Language Resource Switchboard developed by SSHOC partner CLARIN provides an excellent example of an existing resource which will be further enhanced within the SSHOC project.

    Learn more about the CLARIN Language Resource Switchboard


    CLARIN is the European Research Infrastructure providing access to language resources and tools for researchers that work with language data in the form of text, speech and mixed modalities.

    Their Language Resource Switchboard is a language data collection and processing tool which automatically guides researchers to an appropriate language analysis application. This avoids time-consuming manual searching for the right application.

    With enhanced functionality - the Switchboard will be fully integrated with B2DROP, a trusted data storage and exchange solution - researchers will be able to:

    • upload transcripts to B2DROP
    • directly invoke the Switchboard without re-uploading the data
    • perform comparative analyses
    • visualise the results in various formats

    These outcomes can in turn be published with B2SHARE. This makes the results discoverable and also allows easy data access and re-use, as well as stimulating replication in other contexts.

    Other services expected to come on stream include the following: 

    • Common citation formats 
    • Multilingual Ontologies for Occupation, industry, regions and cities
    • A ready-to-use sample management system 
    • Guidelines for building survey-specific corpora 
    • Code for data exchange between TMT and open source CAT software 
    • A Data access protocol for accelerometer data 
    • A Data Repository Hosting Service