The SSHOC’n Tell Challenge was a hackathon run parallel to SSHOC’s final conference, Advancing SSH Research with SSHOCingly good and sustainable resources, with the aim of getting users to test out SSHOC tools and create compelling real-user stories. The challenge resulted in a total of 6 user stories which have been published on Zenodo and on the SSHOC website.


The SSH Open Marketplace Pelican

Among the best practice of a Digital Humanities (DH) engineer, or researcher as well, is the urge to always be updated on the last technologies, discoveries or innovations. As we work on a domain in constant evolution, we need to be aware each day of publications made all around the world. But the large amount of publications available on various repositories all day and the difficulty to find articles and datasets related closely to my own topic of work is a pain. Automate topic-related publications and datasets gathering through API crawling of the SSH Open Marketplace and others platform solves greatly this problem: on the one hand references are gathered on a website in a database as a future reading, on the other hand a twitter bot increases serendipity by sharing all days some articles or datasets dedicated to a specific theme in one twitter’s timeline.

User story by Paul Robert - Université Paul Valéry


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