WORKSHOP NOTES: SSHOC Requirements - Vocabularies and Vocabulary Management Platforms

25 January 2021

Notes from a workshop to critically evaluate candidates and discuss the potential for identifying a common SSHOC vocabulary platform.

SSH Open Marketplace: Beta Release

21 January 2021

The Beta release of the SSH Open Marketplace launches today and is available immediately for public testing. 

SSHOC Congratulates New EOSC Association Executive Board

11 January 2021

SSHOC welcomes and congratulates the new Executive Board of the EOSC Association.

New Report Published: Data access protocol for DBSS data, linked to survey data, conforming FAIR principles

03 January 2021

SSHOC has published a new report which documents a plan to achieve FAIRness in biomarker data from dried blood spot samples collected by The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE).

WEBINAR NOTES: GDPR and the DARIAH ELDAH Consent Form Wizard

20 November 2020

Notes from a webinar held to showcase the DARIAH ELDAH GDPR Consent Form Wizard.

WEBINAR NOTES: Sharing Datasets of Pathological Speech

20 November 2020

Notes from a webinar to share best practice in obtaining, processing and sharing speech corpora of individuals with communication disorders.

WEBINAR NOTES: Introducing the newly launched EMM Survey Registry

09 November 2020

Notes from a webinar to launch the beta version of the new EMM Survey Registry.

Takeaways from the SSHOC Webinar Series on Open-Source Vocabulary Hosting and Management Platforms

30 October 2020

A report back from three virtual sessions dedicated to evaluating leading vocabulary management and publication platforms

New Report Published: EMM Survey Registry

27 October 2020

SSHOC has published a new report which describes the creation of the Ethnic and Migrant Minorities (EMM) Survey Registry.

EOSC Projects EXPO Launched and Exhibitors Wanted!

24 October 2020

Organised as part of the upcoming EOSC-hub, FREYA, SSHOC joint event Realising the European Open Science Cloud, the EOSC Projects EXPO is the first virtual exhibition to showcase EOSC initiatives and projects!