07 July 2021



Podcast on the CESSDA Data Catalogue. In conversation with Sylvia Kritzinger, University of Vienna.

The CESSDA podcast series explores the important world of data archiving and sharing and our researchers across disciplines and countries are benefiting from the CESSDA Data Catalogue.

This podcast focuses on cross-disciplinary research on the COVID-19 pandemic as the crisis evolves over time with the insights from Sylvia Kritzinger, Professor of Methods in the Social Sciences at the Department of Government of the University of Vienna.

As one of the principal investigators of the Austrian National Election Study (AUTNES) and the Austrian Corona Panel Project (ACPP), Prof. Kritzinger explains the fundamental importance of the work being done to track the multi-faceted societal and economic impacts of the coronavirus, underscoring the wider benefits of sharing data, such as making recommendations for policy stakeholders, increasing awareness among citizens and enabling students to re-use the data for their own research.

Overall, this demonstrates the added value of trusted repositories like CESSDA in the fascinating field of social sciences and its intersection with many other disciplines as we seek to tackle the grand challenges of our time.

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