03 March 2020


The workshop will start with lessons learned from a workshop the UK Data Service (UKDS) ran in November 2019 on data sharing from migration research projects. This will shortly cover practicalities and ethical considerations as well as innovative ways to collect and disseminate migration data, as reported by researchers.

During the workshop, we will look at how migration survey data can be prepared and processed before dissemination, how transparency, availability, accessibility and replicability of data can be improved and what resources and services offered through Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) could be useful in this sense. To the same end, we will use examples of data already available from the EMM (Ethnic and Migrant Minorities) Survey Registry and the UK Data Service catalogue. The workshop will end with an exercise evaluating data and metadata FAIRness.

Following the workshop there will be space and time during coffee breaks and lunch for additional activities such as a Demo of QAMyData (an open source tool designed by UKDS to check survey and numeric data) or creating a mock data deposit in ReShare, the UKDS self-deposit repository. It will also be possible to get more information about SSHOC resources and training activities.


Anca Vlad is a data repository administrator at UK Data Service. She manages data deposits through UK Data Service self-deposit repository (ReShare), advises on data management, data deposit and ethical considerations when archiving data, and conducts data disclosure checks on data deposited

Target audience:

The event is intended for academic and non-academic researchers and policy-oriented professionals interested in quantitative survey research and/or EMM (ethnic and migrant minority) integration.

SSHOC connection:

The workshop aligns with SSHOC objectives by contributing to the knowledge base and practical skills of researchers throughout the data lifecycle, from collection to dissemination. The participants of the workshop will cover training and tools that allow scholars and researchers to prepare, process, and disseminate their data as well as access, enrich and compare data from a multitude of repositories and institutions. The workshop connects the expertise of T6.5 (Coordinating Targeted Training in SSH) and T9.2 (Ethnic and Migration Studies) in providing researchers interested in ethnic and migration studies with tailored information on how to leverage and enrich tools and resources in SSHOC.

Where & When:

9 March 2020; 9:45-10:45 AM

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Brussels Office, room 3 (Rue du Trône, 62, Brussels 1050)

More about the event:

The workshop is part of a 2-day event for members of the COST Action 16111 - ETHMIGSURVEYDATA and relevant stakeholders (i.e. researchers, research infrastructures and archives, policy making organizations, research funding organizations, players in the private sector and civil society and citizen scientists interested in quantitative survey data on EMM integration, like the OCED, IOM, UNHCR, DG Home, NGOs/think tanks and others focused on EMM topics) to:

  1. discuss and learn about the substantive/scientific work undertaken by the COST Action, particularly in terms of its policy implications and contributions for making existing and future survey research on EMM integration more open and FAIR;
  2. discover SSHOC services and resources, and their applicability for the EMM research community;
  3. explore and learn about current and recent research conducted by members of the COST Action that is relevant to the substantive/scientific work undertaken by the COST Action; and
  4. connect with others interested in similar research objectives to identify concrete partnership/collaborative opportunities (e.g. preparing join grant applications, identifying ways to support SSHOC outside of task 9.2).

Participation in the workshop and the event:

Free to attend but interested parties will need to contact the Networking Coordinator of the COST Action ( to express their interest. Invitations will be sent out on a first come first serve basis until meeting capacity is reached (80 participants).

Additional information:

Presentations available on the SSHOC Zenodo: Caring for Sharing - Data Management and FAIRness of Migration Data

Agenda for the 2-day COST Action 16111 - ETHMIGSURVEYDATA event

ETHMIGSURVEYDATA Cost Action Twitter Account