27 May 2020


Between 10:00 and 14:00 CEST on 17 June, SSHOC will take over the Twitter account of partner organisation DARIAH to promote the Alpha release of the SSH Open Marketplace. The release is scheduled for 30 June.

DARIAH's Frank Fischer who is also Associate Professor for Digital Humanities at the Moscow Higher School of Economics and leads development of the SSH Marketplace with colleague Laure Barbot, will preside over the session to answer user questions about the resource.

The SSH Open Marketplace is a key deliverable from the SSHOC project and responds to a long-standing demand in the humanities and social sciences for an inclusive, curated, easily accessible overview of digital tools and services, training material, data and scientific papers. The aim of the developers is to gather existing resources from both disciplines, to pool and harmonise them, and then to enhance the offering with supporting contextual information. As well as making an important contribution to the SSH domain, the resulting resource will also be incorporated into the emerging European Open Science Cloud.

Participants in the Twitter Takeover will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the precise nature of the SSH Open Marketplace and what resources will be available initially
  • Learn about the next steps in developing the Marketplace further and the plans to foster community-driven curation
  • Understand how the Marketplace will integrate with existing EOSC services


Got a question? Please email it now to or tweet @DARIAHeu on the day.

The broad plan for the roll out of the SSH Open Marketplace was first described in this article.

See also the poster prepared for the recent EOSC-hub Week event.

For the purpose of the Twitter Takeover the hashtag #SSHOCifyDARIAH has been created.

Join us on 17 June to follow the conversation!