18 November 2019

The Open Science Fair in Porto in September was the venue for the launch of the SSHOC Training Community, a key deliverable from the SSHOC project, and a fundamental contribution to the EOSC vision to build digital and Open Science skills through a coordinated, pan-European training infrastructure.

The SSHOC Training Community will build expertise while at the same time making the best possible use of resources which already exist within the SSHOC partner network. Trainers who sign up to be part of the SSHOC Training Community will have automatic access to new training materials, exercises and practical case studies. By listing their institute as a training hub, members will also qualify to host Trainer the Trainer Bootcamps and will be invited to participate in an ongoing series of online webinars.

Unveiling the SSHOC Training Community poster in a dedicated session at the Making EOSC Training More FAIR  workshop, Ellen Leenarts of SSHOC partner organisation DANS encouraged trainers to join the community and play a role in developing and curating shared training resources. Says Ms Leenarts, “Practitioners in the social sciences and humanities have a golden opportunity to contribute to – and even influence - the European open science landscape of the future. We warmly invite our colleagues to join the SSHOC Training Community and we look forward to welcoming them!”

Amongst the concrete outcomes envisaged from the SSHOC Training Community is a Train the Trainer Toolkit comprising a coherent set of shareable training materials, tools and data. With a view to establishing the SSHOC Training Network, effort will also be directed towards expanding and further developing the training hubs already in existence amongst the project partners in order to serve the entire social sciences and humanities community across Europe.

Click here to join the SSHOC Training Community.