09 December 2021

The SSHOC project aims to ensure that participants of the project develop their skills in the process by using the most up-to-date knowledge, the best experience, and various connections. To strengthen mutual benefits of acquiring knowledge and creating networks, a new database where trainers and experts can be listed and easily found and approached has been launched. This database called Trainers' Directory is a pool of qualified and experienced trainers in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities that are enthusiastic to bring people that require training to the next level of their expertise in a specific domain.


What is the SSH Trainers' Directory?


The directory supports trainers in gaining visibility and promoting their offer of training activities, helps training activities and event organizers to find and approach qualified, and experienced speakers/trainers create a powerful network of professionals, facilitates the contribution of expert knowledge, and connects people worldwide.

Being a member of a Trainers' Directory allows experienced trainers in the fields of social sciences and humanities to be visible to a broad audience of professionals interested in training within the SSH domain.

The trainer directory has been established for anyone interested in finding trainers and their courses in the field of social sciences and humanities. These can for instance be event organizers, who would like to invite a trainer for a session. Based on the interests and training needs, a person can use the trainer directory to find trainers for a given purpose.  The profile picture (if uploaded) is openly available as is  the trainer's name, and domain of expertise. According to their needs, a person can filter the search options to create a list of possible trainers they can reach out based on the following criteria:

  • topics of expertise
  • target audience
  • spoken languages
  • domain
  • level of training

A trainer listed in the directory can be approached by registering on the SSHOC webpage. The registration is needed due to the privacy protection rules. The trainers’ personal information, email address, for example, is stored in a secure space, listed only for registered users.


Criteria to be listed in the Trainers' Directory


A trainer wishing to be listed in the Trainers' Directory must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have a qualification as a trainer/ teacher’s license, OR 
  • Have two years of work experience as a trainer, OR
  • Have already conducted at least three training activities and provided proof on the Trainers' Directory profile webpage.
  • Provide a description of three training activities (course outline) including links to the training materials.
  • Provide some personal and contact information (CV, e-mail)

Additional information needed about the trainers can include: 

  • Proof of the Teaching and Presentation Techniques, e. g. by having attended Train the Trainer boot camp and/or workshop.
  • Knowledge of adult learning methods.

This information is however optional and can be left out.


Who should be in the directory?


The SSHOC partners that already are connected through research, software development, surveys, dissemination, and training activities are welcomed to become a part of a great network of professionals through the Training Community and Trainers' Directory. First, we are focusing on registered SSH Training Community members from all over the world. Professional and experienced trainers wishing to be listed in the Trainers' Directory outside of the SSHOC project are also welcomed to become a part of the SSH community.


How to join the SSH Trainers' Directory


Do you want to be part of SSH Trainers' Directory? To join us you need to create a profile on SSHOC website and follow the instruction you will find under your profile overview. You will need to fill out the dedicated Trainers' Directory form under your profile and submit your application. Our dedicated team will then review your application and decide if you can be listed in the Trainers' Directory.

We created a dedicated guide to help trainers in the registration process.