04 March 2020


The future EOSC is to be shaped along action lines determined by the EOSC governance boards and ESFRI in close collaboration.

As part of its engagement activities, is pooling stakeholder views on EOSC implementation. The ESFRI Cluster position papers delineate the ways in which EOSC-Life, ENVRI FAIR, ESCAPE, PaNOSC, and SSHOC will contribute directly to EOSC as it enables them to leverage their domain expertise and better serve community needs. The papers also describe each project's expectations from the EOSC.

The overall expectation of the ESFRI cluster projects is that EOSC will enable access to and re-use of research data, increase the scientific value of research data, and deliver an interoperable environment of data infrastructures. As such, EOSC will enhance the value of infrastructures as elements of a sustainable and virtual environment enabling real-time collaboration between researchers using FAIR data.

From the perspective of the SSHOC project specifically, the following are amongst the key issues to be considered by the EOSC Executive and governing boards:

  • Fostering the interoperability and reuse of high-quality, trusted data
  • Enabling users to easily combine data from various domains and compose their own combinations of services 
  • Providing clear rules of participation with defined funding responsibilities and transparent and ongoing finaincial commitment from stakeholders


For the full story, download the SSHOC position paper or the complete suite of ESFRI Cluster position papers.