11 March 2020


Comprehensive upgrades to the SSHOC website mean users now enjoy an improved navigation experience and access to increased functionality and more information. The site boasts a streamlined new menu and fully searchable indices on key pages, and has been considerably enriched with new content and innovative graphics.

Services Catalogue

Without doubt, the most important new addition is a complete catalogue of existing and in-development services complete with delivery timeline and clearly formulated individual descriptions which connect the service to relevant project results and essential background information.


Another addition is the new Resources area which already currently houses a direct link to a full suite of position papers, reports and other documents on Zenodo, and a constantly updated library of project deliverables. The latter are accessible via an easy-to navigate searchable list organised by Work Package. The new Resources area will be in a permanent state of expansion as the SSHOC project progresses and produces more results.

Other improvements include an entire new section dedicated to identifying the potential beneficiaries from SSHOC and clearly explaining how the project might further their interests. Training, a key deliverable from the SSHOC project, has also been enhanced. Finally, all text on the website has been revisited, rethought and rewritten to ensure clarity and brevity.

Alignment with EOSC Implementation

SSHOC is committed to contributing to the EOSC implementation for 2020 – 2021 in its service offering. Says Marieke Willems of Trust-IT Services who coordinated the website upgrade project, “The key focus of the upgrade was to raise awareness of the SSHOC tools and services becoming available on the SSH Marketplace and to present an integrated view of each item. We created a task force representing all project activities so we could map and link tasks and delivery dates. Importantly, we also aligned the categorisation of the services and tools with the EOSC Portal. The result is a curated SSHOC service and tools catalogue, which connects to recent results and essential background information. In future iterations we will prepare the website to connect with a beta version of the SSH Market Place.”

Explore the SSHOC website here.