03 September 2020


Dataverse is repository software developed by the Institute for Quantitative Social Science of Harvard University to enable researchers to archive and publish research data. It's supported by an active Dataverse Development Community with contributors around the world. From fixing bugs to writing documentation as well as creating integrations and client libraries, the community is a major part of the what makes the Dataverse software successful. Fifty-nine institutes worldwide are using the software to establish a research data management solution for their own community.

Dataverse use case for SSHOC

Within the SSHOC task group "Hosting and sharing data repositories" the software will be adjusted to the needs of the European SSH research infrastructures. Examples of these adjustments include:

  • translation of the interface in the European languages
  • connection to localised PID providers
  • adjusting the metadata to domain specific needs
  • development of APIs for domain specific Controlled Vocabularies and Thesauri
  • development of previewers
  • development of data migration solutions from legacy archival technologies into Dataverse.


To understand the needs of the SSH community and how researchers would like to use such a facility, dedicated webinars will be organised with each of the Research Infrastructures within SSHOC.

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SSHOC is developing different approaches for institutes to set up and maintain such a service for their users, including a centrally-maintained cloud solution and a so-called ‘Archive-in-a-box’ solution which enables data archives and research institutes to download an installation on their own technical environment. Functional documentation and implementation guidelines will be published openly.

In parallel with the technical developments, the task group will organise training workshops and researcher-oriented webinars on how to use the service for FAIR research data management. Furthermore, to ensure a sustainable service after the project has been completed, principles of governance and sustainability will be developed.