05 August 2020


The Data Management Plan (DMP) is one of the key SSHOC project management documents. It primarily serves as a guide for members of the SSHOC project consortium and gives an overview of the data collection and usage for all identified services and tools in the catalogue.

Perhaps even more importantly, since SSHOC participates as a Pilot on Open Research Data in Horizon 2020, the DMP will remain as a guide to data handling after the SSHOC project implementation. This is in line with the European Commission's Open Access to Research Data Policy for facilitating access, reuse and preservation of its research data.

The plan provides a structured description of data collected, created, and used for and by the SSHOC project. It also describes the procedures and policies as well as data protection and preservation mechanisms used during the implementation of the SSHOC project and planned in the post implementation period. In addition it describes how the data will be preserved, shared and reused over the longer term.

This project management document is interconnected with all project activities and consequently with most of the SSHOC project deliverables. The DMP will be regularly updated during the project implementation and will contribute to the sustainability of the SSHOC project results and the alignment of the SSHOC project with EOSC.

For more information and to read the Data Management Plan, click here