Submission date: 
05 March 2021

This document reports on the achievement of SSHOC Milestone 42, the alpha release of the SSH Open Marketplace. It explains the role of the first release in the development process of the application as well as the community efforts deployed to ensure the uptake of the SSH Open Marketplace by SSH research communities.

Three different releases of the SSH Open Marketplace are planned during the SSHOC project. The three corresponding milestones (MS42, 43 and 44) ensure the progress and the coherence of the various tasks contributing to the creation of the SSH Open Marketplace. MS 42 “Marketplace - alpha release” is the first one and is described as following in SSHOC Grant Agreement: “Initial application deployed, populated with initial set of data, and with initial connectivity to selected external components available for internal project review”. This MS report describes the different aspects of SSHOC Work Packages activities that contributed to achieve this milestone: mainly based on WP7 tasks, the alpha release of the SSH Open Marketplace is also an example of a SSHOC cross-WPs collaboration, as it substantially involves the expertise and collaboration from WPs 2, 3, 6 and 9.

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