Submission date: 
04 July 2022

Task 5.2 of the SSHOC project will develop a repository services for institutes (of CESSDA, DARIAH, CLARIN, E- RIHS) running centrally on cloud platforms or to download as a ‘archive in a box’ solution for individual institutes. These services will provide SSH institutions without a data repository service, such a facility for their designated communities. For institutes with limited technical resources, the service offers an opportunity to simply and effectively create an online repository. For institutes, which already provide archival solutions, this service can be used to set up a sharing and self-depositing environment for researchers in a user-centric manner.

The new service will be built upon the Dataverse software. It has a modular design principle using API’s, that allow for distributed file storage, and supports the building of further micro-services on top. Additional functionality will be developed to meet the needs of the European SSH community.

To implement and test the additional functionality implementation of a standard Dataverse installation on a Google cloud platform is needed. For this purpose, we use the CESSDA google cloud. This milestone reports of this installation.

Publication type: 
Archive in a Box (Dataverse)