Submission date: 
16 May 2021

The report contains a global workplan for SSHOC Task 3.6 with respect to SSHOC Switchboard and Virtual Collection Registry integration and extension.

The milestone MS12 is described in the SSHOC GA as an “Implementation plan SSHOC Switchboard and VCR services”, verifiable by: “A flexible planning for the extension and integration of SSHOC Switchboard and VCR”.

The nature of the SSHOC Switchboard and the potential and interest of the SSHOC WP3 partners to generalize and apply it within the SSH is described in SSHOC MS9. This report is a follow-up of that document, describing activities in more detail where needed and proposing a general work plan for the implementation activities.

Plans for a SSHOC Virtual Collection Registry (VCR) have for now only been discussed in a limited fashion between the CLARIN ERIC and UGOE partners and not been subject to any structured interaction between all the SSHOC partners. Therefore, the current state of the implementation plan is that it covers the work on the SSHOC Switchboard, next steps will provide for the involvement of more partners and their respective interests and views for the SSHOC VCR work, expanding the initial requirements and ideas for VCR extensions and adaptations.

Publication type: 
CLARIN Switchboard
Virtual Collection Registry