SSHOC promotes trust and quality assurance by supporting data repositories in their journey to CoreTrustSeal certification.

Fourteen data repositories were selected for certification support through an open call between June and August 2020. These repositories are in varying stages of preparation with some closer to being ready to apply for certification and others more focused on taking note of issues and establishing best practices. The work of the SSHOC certification task team is to meet repositories at their point of readiness and provide assistance and guidance related to the certification process along with feedback on the repositories’ self-assessments before they submit their applications to CoreTrustSeal.

SSHOC works in cooperation with FAIRsFAIR and with other EOSC projects which also have activities to support the certification of data repositories. FAIRsFAIR, for instance, aims to align the FAIR Principles with the CoreTrustSeal requirements. The EOSC Executive Board FAIR Working Group has published Recommendations on certifying services required to enable FAIR within EOSC.


Supported repositories:

  • Corpus OVI dell'italiano antico
  • Croatian Social Science Data Archive (CROSSDA)
  • DAIS - Digital Archive of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • DARIAH-DE Repository
  • Digital Library of University of Maribor
  • Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes
  • Historic Graves
  • Lithuanian Data Archive for Social Sciences and Humanities (LiDA)
  • mdw Repository
  • SB/CLARIN Repository (Språkbanken Text CLARIN Repository)
  • Sciences Po, Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP)