Monday, 7 June, 2021

The Science Cluster (ENVRI-FAIREOSC-Life, ESCAPE, PANOSC and SSHOC) delivered a new position paper with a formal explanation of the urgent need of EC to support a longer-term role of the five Science Clusters to provide content to the EOSC, to enhance researchers’ involvement in Open Science and to suggest potential cooperative pathways in the Horizon-Europe framework and along with the EOSC Association roadmap.

This is a second position statement document (first position statement here - December 2019), written keeping in mind the various exchanges the Science Clusters had with the European Commission, the EOSC Association, the Directorates of the ESFFRI Research Infrastructures partners, and based on the constant cooperative work between the management boards of the fice Science Clusters in the last 2 years. This paper is aimed at highlighting:

  • Expectations of the clusters and the concerned research communities, pointing out a common structured vision and a series of suggestions for the future.
  • A more detailed analysis from each cluster, that is provided for completeness.

The Science Clusters are a powerful enabler of European research excellence and competitiveness, and is one of the EC's most effective and innovative network tools. It underlines the international dimension of disciplinary and interdisciplinary dynamics and progress. The ESFRI and pan-European RI partners in the Science Clusters share the positive experience of their effective cooperative approach and are willing to pursue this successful experience in the long term. The five clusters wil refine the EOSC services into services serving several disciplinary sciences, by enriching them with additional information, tailored for scientific use. The Science Clusters are refining and transforming the EOSC Core services towards specific services and platforms for RIs, scientists and (potentially) EU member state institutions.