Submission date: 
10 May 2022

SSHOC thematic cluster project (2019-2022) has built a strong and recognisable brand around a consortium of 5 ERICs and ESFRI Landmarks, 1 ESFRI project and onboarded Social Science and Humanities (SSH) data communities, 5 of them obtaining the status of ESFRI projects in the latest editions of ESFRI Roadmaps thus actively breaking down the silos through the sharing of knowledge, tools, and services with significant potential for further capacity-building as an important building block for EOSC.

SSHOC didn’t only facilitate further collaboration within the SSH community regarding alignment of data, services, and interoperability solutions, and sharing of (thematic) services in EOSC. It reached out to other domains and researchers via peer projects funded by the European Commission (EC) in the framework of the INFRAEOSC-04 call aiming to link ESFRI landmarks and projects, as well as other ERICs to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). A series of regular consultations, joint initiatives, outputs, and presentations, described in this report, led the five clusters to link together and develop a common ground for collaboration beyond duration of projects.

Deliverable 8.6 is the final report on the cooperation activities of the SSHOC project with other science clusters:

  • ENVRI-FAIR for environmental research,
  • PaNOSC for multidisciplinary scientific analysis,
  • ESCAPE for astronomy and particle physics,
  • EOSC-Life for life sciences.

The activities described below are result of several streams of efforts: task 8.4 of the SSHOC project involving several project bodies and partners, as well as Coordinator’s direct alignment with other cluster projects.

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