Submission date: 
24 May 2022

This deliverable D8.1 addresses (i) the organisational structure needed to safeguard the availability, quality and maintenance of the results after the SSHOC project, (ii) the conditions for financial sustainability of the exploitable results and (iii) the actions needed to implement and sustain the envisaged organisational structure for the post-project collaboration and sustainability. It provides an overview of the prost-project agreements regarding the model for the sustained collaboration under the umbrella SSH Open Cluster, as well as the agreements and steps prepared in view of the future governance of the services developed and improved as a result of the SSHOC project.

The SSH Open Cluster launched in April as the umbrella organisation for the European research infrastructures (RIs) in the social science and humanities (SSH) is the main instrument for safeguarding the sustainability of the results of the SSHOC project and for promoting quality and impact of SSH through the model of a federated service offer and know-how sharing in all areas of common interest with strong involvement of the different SSH community stakeholders. At the same time the cluster will actively continue to act as one of the thematic pillars for the role of science clusters in the EOSC landscape and the wider RI ecosystem. The common planning of activities and the further development of models capturing the commitment needed to realise this ambition are included in the Roadmap presented. Some of the ingredients for this Roadmap, such as the MoU signed by the RIs involved, the charter for the SSH Vocabulary Commons, an overview of services onboarded in EOSC Portal and the governance model for the SSH Open Marketplace, all prepared in the context of the SSHOC project, are introduced in some more detail.

FAIR SSH data citation prototype
API for Generations and Gender Programme (GGP)
Archive in a Box (Dataverse)
SSH GDPR Code of Conduct
CLARIN Switchboard
SSH Trainer's Directory
SSH Training Discovery Toolkit
[MCSQ]: The Multilingual Corpus of Survey Questionnaires
Improved and FAIR data Repositories - SSHOC Trusted Repositories (SSHOC Trust Support)
Automatic Verification Tool
Knowledge Graphs in Electoral Studies to bring together structured and unstructured data
League of Data
ADS Guides to Good Practice
Multilingual Terminologies
Improved and FAIR data Repositories - New ESS data repository
Improved and FAIR data Repositories - SHARE survey data
Dataset: investigating the effects of machine translation and post-editing in survey translation
CLARIN Multilingual Metadata
European Social Survey as a service