Submission date: 
29 November 2021

Training is an important aspect of knowledge acquisition and transfer in the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud project (SSHOC). For successful implementation and promotion of the SSH Open Cloud, it is crucial to empower users, and to facilitate mutual learning and networking among data producers, users, and experts. Therefore, the SSHOC Training Community has been established. It aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between experts who provide training to scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) on tools and services offered by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

As part of various training formats during the SSHOC project lifecycle, T6.4 has conducted a series of bootcamps. These four events were directed at different stakeholder groups, primarily research libraries and archives, universities, and research-performing institutions. The bootcamps covered a broad range of topics and tools relevant for Open Science and Research Data Management and for conducting training in those fields. 

This deliverable reports the outcomes of the bootcamps that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, took place online. Chapter two brings individual bootcamp reports that provide deeper insights into structure, topics,and stakeholder representation. Since the final bootcamp, co-located with the IASSIST conference, was organised in May 2021 due to the original postponement of the IASSIST conference, the final deliverable describing the bootcamps (D6.12) as well as the deliverable of the final version of the toolkit (D6.11) and its related milestone (MS41) were delayed.

In the following chapters, a reflection of all the bootcamps is provided together with a compilation of lessons learned and best practices for setting up online events.

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