Submission date: 
29 April 2022

Task 5.5. ESS as a service: a pilot making cross-national survey data FAIR aims to increase the FAIRness of ESS data, with particular focus on increasing the interoperability of data holdings, and to make ESS data and metadata available from the European Open Science Cloud.

As part of the task, a new repository platform, APIs, landing pages and solutions for authentication and authorization were developed and deployed.

Deliverable D5.14, Report on preparing the ESS for services in the EOSC (ESS as a service), documents the implementation of the ESS Pilot project and presents recommendations for similar data archives based on ESS as a service’s workflow, architecture, and protocols.

The main general recommendations of the ESS data archive for similar development work are to: 1) use cross-functional teams and an agile approach,
2) build API-led systems,
3) use relevant protocols in a systematic way,

4) develop metadata-driven systems,
5) keep a close connection between data and metadata, and 6) establish solutions for data download and analysis.

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