Submission date: 
28 October 2021

 SSHOC Task 3.6 (Making Data Re-usable and Actionable) focuses on two services originally from the CLARIN infrastructure domain, which in discussion and collaboration with the SSHOC communities are generalised and adapted to serve the broader Humanities and Social Sciences. Specifically with the purpose of facilitating better sharing and re-use of data and services in innovative ways.

Those services are the SSH Switchboard also known as the CLARIN Language Resource Switchboard and the SSH Virtual Collection Registry also known as the CLARIN Virtual Collection Registry (VCR).

In this deliverable the task team reports on:

  1. the process of consultation with the communities targeted at finding use cases for the tools for enlarging their scope and applicability e.g. processing new datatypes and offering more appropriate data processing,
  2. the resulting implementation actions and future implementation planning,
  3. repercussions of the implementation plans with regard to governance and sustainability for these services, and
  4. the accompanying activities of documentation and engagement with end-users.

The report references other documents and milestones (for a detailed list consult the introduction) and links to related activities, not directly related with the Switchboard and Virtual Collection Registry. In this sense this task pursued the strategic objective to better connect and raise visibility of SSH resources and services, implied in the work package title “Lifting Technologies and Services into the SSH Cloud”.

Publication type: 
CLARIN Switchboard
Virtual Collection Registry