Submission date: 
05 April 2019

The purpose of the present document is to define the strategy and foreseen activities for communication and outreach for SSHOC WP2, “Dissemination, Communication and Impact”. In particular, a drill-down on the stakeholder groups and channels utilised is enclosed.

The SSHOC Overall Communication and Impact Plan is part of the endeavours of WP2 ("Communication, Dissemination and Impact"). Given the cross-cutting theme of the WP, the ideas and guidelines sketched out in this document affect the creation of all content within the project.

Owing to the early stage in the project, some of the detailed information around results achieved and communication and dissemination assets related to those is still not available at the time of writing. Therefore, the report is effectively to be considered, for some aspects, a “living document”, which will not be changed in the core structure, but will be updated or expanded (for instance with guidance documents in the Annex).

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