Submission date: 
20 April 2022

This deliverable is the third annual progress report for the SSHOC project. It states the progress and status of work in the third year of the SSHOC project (M25-M36).

The report starts with a general plan for the SSHOC project in Year 3 (2021), and lists the main objectives set up to be achieved. The next section is the main part of this deliverable and focuses on the activities implemented in each Work Package, and describes the progress done in 2021. The section also contains a reference to the deviations from the DoA that happened in this period, and risk assessment status.

The final chapter contains the summary on the delivery of project outputs (namely deliverables), achievement of project milestones, use of resources. An overview of all the SSHOC 2021 relevant events is added to the document as an appendix.

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