Monday, 15 June, 2020

Spoken audio data, such as interview data, is a scientific instrument used by researchers in various disciplines crossing the boundaries of social sciences and humanities. In this paper, we will have a closer look at a portal designed to perform speech-to-text conversion on audio recordings through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in the CLARIN infrastructure. Within the cluster cross-domain EU project SSHOC the potential value of such a linguistic tool kit for processing spoken language recording has found uptake in a webinar about the topic, and in a task addressing audio analysis of panel survey data. The objective of this contribution is to show that the processing of interviews as a research instrument has opened up a fascinating and fruitful area of collaboration between Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

Author: Van den Heuvel, Henk (CLS/CLST, Radboud University)

Conference: LREC 2020 - Proceedings of the Workshop about Language Resources for the SSH Cloud (LR4SSHOC)

Date: May 2020

Publisher: European Language Resources Association