14 May 2019 - 07:00
Athens, Greece


CESSDA Training Workshop: Train the Trainer - Athens 2019


The aim of the workshop is to present the Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG), with an emphasis on new materials around RDM, GDPR and Data Discovery. The guide was prepared by CESSDA-ERIC Service providers. CESSDA data management experts will train participants in how to use the developed materials in the delivery of training to their researchers. The training event is designed interactively and includes hands-on exercises.

The workshop is hosted by the Greek CESSDA Service Provider, SoDaNet.


Learning objectives

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Understand the structure of the Expert Tour Guide
  • Gain knowledge of the RDM module and be able to apply it to local training events.
  • Know the arguments and relevant considerations for making data openly available while still meeting the needs of data protection (in accordance with legislative and ethical requirements).
  • Know how to teach researchers to find and access data in Europe



Prior knowledge of research or data archiving is recommended. Participants are expected to study the educational material available online to ensure the benefits from the training programme.


Target group

The workshop is aimed at employees of CESSDA Service Providers, and CESSDA partnering organisations as well as employees of affiliated organisations and research institutions, tasked with providing training on research data management or data discovery to the social science research community, or planning to deliver such training in the future. We expect that participants will use their gained knowledge to deliver research data management and/or data discovery training locally or internationally.


Venue of the meting

HOU (Hellenic Open University)
Tzortz 4 − Square Kaniggos, 10677, Athens
3rd floor