The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) arises from the European Commission’s stated intention to increase the circulation and exploitation of knowledge by promoting open access to the data resulting from publically funded research under Horizon 2020.

SSHOC is only one of five cluster projects which provide thematic gathering points for the activities required to make the EOSC a reality.

The others are:

The purpose of the clusters is to generate their own data in the EOSC-hub. They are also expected to reuse technical solutions and services provided via the EOSC-hub.

Representatives from each cluster project sit on the EOSC-hub Strategy Board advising the EOSC project on exploitation and service deployment plans.

EOSC Implementation and Governance

EOSC is underpinned by the Commission’s Open Science Strategy which requires that by 2020, all European researchers need to be able to deposit, access, and analyse European scientific data through the EOSC.

Addressing the need for an operational framework for the EOSC, the EOSCsecretariat:

  • Supports the EOSC Governance and its Working Groups
  • Fosters engagement with the vast community of European and International Stakeholders
  • Adopts a co-creation approach towards funding opportunities


Making Data FAIR

To overcome data fragmentation and the resulting barriers to efficient data sharing, the concept of FAIR is central to the successful realisation of the EOSC. FAIR data is:

FAIR data