Those tools, services, repositories and other resources brought in by project partners or generated during the course of the project and deemed to be of sufficient quality for inclusion in the EOSC will be featured here in the SSHOC Marketplace.

We’ll also build in community features including a rating and assessment tool similar to that developed in the Humanities at Scale project lead by DARIAH.

The SSHOC Marketplace will be arranged by category with resources grouped appropriately. 

Rather than simply present a list of links, we will adopt an app store approach, contextualising and interelating  datasets, tools, and services with screenshots, tutorials, and links to training material, user stories, showcases, and other relevant information. 


User-Centric Approach

Like EOSC itself - SSHOC is being created for researchers and research communities. To build the SSHOC Marketplace we will listen to the needs of these users, respect their goals and rely on their expertise. We will also consult with national decision-makers, service providers, policy makers, and other professional users.

In addition, we will set up a task force with the EOSC-hub project to exchange and harmonize views on common themes. We will also invite contacts in other European and international organizations operating in the EOSC space to engage in the process. 


How will SSHOC Marketplace advance SSH and cross-disciplinary research?

  • Context: related materials such as code, data or tutorials are linked, providing additional context for each resource discovered;
  • Support: users have access to appropriate training material to support their use of tools;
  •  Community: with the inclusion of user feedback, ratings, and popularity        measures (number of views), the Marketplace is a “Stack Overflow” for the Digital Humanities;
  • Gap analysis: with all resources gathered in a central repository, it will be easier to identify the tools that don’t exist and should be developed to address specific research needs; 
  • Longevity: a focus on careful curation and information quality, and the creation of a sustainable governance model and user community ensure the durability of the Marketplace over time;
  • Serendipity: users find useful information they hadn’t thought to look for!


Navigating the Marketplace 

For now the Marketplace is empty but categories will be defined shortly and the page updated as resources are added.

Watch this space for further developments